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Rubber Roof Repair & Installation - Roofing Contractor in Lindenhurst, NY
Commercial Roof installation - Roofing Contractor in Lindenhurst, NY
Gravel commercial roof installation - Roofing Contractor in Lindenhurst, NY
The attractiveness and protection of your commercial or industrial property is never in doubt when you hire our roofing contractor. Griffin Bros Inc. is your first choice for roofing that makes your apartment building, shopping center, or other space last longer and look better!

Add more appeal, value, and protection to your property with quality roof installations and reroofing services from our Lindenhurst, New York, contractor. We provide almost everything you need for the property you want.

Reroofing Services

You don't have to replace your roof because its tiles, shakes, or shingles are damaged or missing. The damage is usually cosmetic, meaning you can pay less to fix the problem with our reroofing services. If your roof is leaking, we work quickly to protect the felts from UV rays to prevent further failures and leaking.

When you call us, we arrive at your location within 24 hours. Feel free to call us for other services, too, including repairs and removals for gravel and slag roofs.

New Flat Roof Construction

Do you own a commercial property in need of a new flat roof? We can build and flash it properly to prevent leaking and make your roof stand the test of time. Our guaranteed construction is finished with Firestone® rubber roof systems and GAF® asphalt systems because these are the highest-quality, longest-lasting systems available. We are able to provide the following quality flat roof services:
  • Torchdown
  • Torchwelded
  • EPDM Rubber (Eco Friendly Certified Roof)
  • TPO Roofing Systems

Firestone® Rubber Roof Systems

Enjoy a high-performance roof system that has a synthetic compound for outstanding weathering characteristics in climates worldwide. From office buildings and distribution warehouses to hospitals and schools, our rubber roofs are perfect for any commercial space. Our technicians are Certified Firestone Rubber Roof Systems certificate holders and are on top of new roof installation methods. Know you're in good hands when you choose Griffin Bros, Inc as your commercial roof contractor.

The flexible materials used in these systems allows for easy installation in any width, length, or sloped surface. Expect your rubber roof system to last 30 to 40 years with proper installation and care.

Request a service from our trustworthy roofing contractor for a better way to protect your property from the weather.
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Griffin Bros Commercial Roof Installation in Lindenhurst, NY